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       Heal your body, naturally. I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit and all three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved. Through my practice, I work hard to optimize the flow of this energy and promote well-being. 

       Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years and has been used to restore, nurture and sustain optimal health. Classical Five Element Acupuncture addresses the root cause of imbalance or "dis-ease" in the body by treating the whole person- body, mind and spirit. By restoring balance and harmony, the body can begin to heal from within to provide an effective and long lasting experience of wellness. I consider our relationship a partnership. I don't "fix" issues, I work with your body's innate wisdom to help you achieve vitality. 

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